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See Hemangiomas; Retinal angiomatosis Capillary malformations, orbital, 6:380 Capillary nonperfusion. See Retinal capillary nonperfusion Capillary plexus, of ciliary process, 2:66 Capillary telangiectasias, 1: I 06 Capoten. See Captopril Capozide. See Captopril Capravirine, 1:42 Capsid (viral), 8:119-120 Capsular block syndrome, 11: 180-181 pupillary block and, 10: 138 Capsular cataracts, 11:38 Capsular fibrosis, 11: 184 IOLdecentration and, 11:179-180 Nd:YAG laser caps ulotomy for, 11:184. See also Nd:YAG laser therapy, capsulotomy Capsular opacification, 11: 182-183 in children, 11:202 IOL design considerations and, 11:182 with multifocal IOLs, 13:194 Nd:YAG laser capsulotomy for, 11:182, 183.

8: 12-13. 13f. 14f. 13: 19-27 keratorefractive surgery affecting. 13:20-27. 28-29t alloplastic material addition and. 13:24. 24f collagen shrinkage and. 13:27. 27f incisional effect and. 8:13, 14f. 13:20-23, 23f. 68f 30 . Master Index laser effect and, 13:24-25, 25f, 26f tissue addition/subtraction and, 13:23-24, 23f Biometry/biometrics before cataract surgery, 11:88 in IOL power determination/selection, 3:217-218, 11:150 clear lens extractionlrefractive lens exchange and, 13:176 primary angle closure and, 10:127 Biomicroscopy slit-lamp.

See also specific type or organ or structure affected and Carcinoma; Intraocular tumors; Tumors carcinogenesis and, 1:253 chemicals causing, 1:252-253 chemotherapy for, 1:256-262, 258-260t corneal nerve enlargement and, 8:347, 357f, 358t etiology of, 1:252-255 genetic and familial factors in, 1:254-255,2:215, 216f in HIV infection/AIDS, 1:50-51 hypercoagulabilityand, 1: 171 incidence of, 1:251 loss of telomeric DNA and, 2:203 oncogenesis and, 8:248-249, 248t ophthalmic considerations and, 1:262 radiation causing, 1:253 radiation therapy for, 1:255-256 recent developments in, 1:251 retinopathy associated with,S: 10 I, 108-109,9:60, 12:262-263, 262f screening for, 1:294-300, 295t therapy of, 1:255-262.

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