By Lucy Monroe

ISBN-10: 1426810598

ISBN-13: 9781426810596

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He treated her like a queen and made love to her like she was the most irresistible woman on the planet. He willingly got to know her father. While they had actually met briefly in the business arena, they now became friends. She and Aristide were together months before she started to wonder about him introducing her to his family. The couple of times she had brought it up, he put it off, saying he wanted to keep her to himself and she believed him. His life was so hectic, so high pressure that she got a charge out of being what he called “his oasis” in the desert of a life filled with the grains of sand that comprised his business and family commitments.

The doctor had even made the joke that a little stress wouldn’t hurt the baby, so it was safe to go home and be a full-time mom to her nine-month-old again. She hadn’t been able to laugh. Her relief at her own restored health was heavily tempered by Aristide’s continued memory loss. She’d dressed with care for this meeting. Eden’s slight curves did not lend themselves to the kind of sexy apparel that looked good on so many other women, but she had done her best with what she had. She wasn’t showing her pregnancy yet and, if it followed the path of the one she’d had with Theo, there would be very little outward evidence until her fifth month.

Kassandra’s smug expression worried Eden and she couldn’t help wondering what the poisonous witch had been telling Aristide. Eden waited until the other woman was less than a foot away before stepping aside to let her leave the room. She turned and spoke in a low voice that would not carry to her husband’s ears. ” The other woman’s eyes widened, as if she couldn’t believe Eden had dared to say anything in front of Aristide, then she smiled maliciously. “Oh, I will get what’s coming to me all right.

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