By W.K. Gross

ISBN-10: 088968328X

ISBN-13: 9780889683280

Довольно любопытный каталог монет одной из стран Британского Содружества.

Можно сравнить с каталогом Краузе

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For example, we can approximate the cultivation of potatoes in England by comparing two of these volumes. Culpepper did not list them in 1653, but Reid did in 1683. Some say the Dutch King William brought potatoes with him into England, while others credit their introduction to Sir Francis Drake in about 1570 or John Hawkins in 1565. 1 Renaissance cookery books from various parts of Europe tend to show a similar progression of soup or pottage recipes from the medieval era through the Renaissance and beyond.

Clay pots (earthenware) were used, as were terra-cotta, stone, and lead. Some were designed to rest on a tripod. The Romans covered their food with a testa,35 or domed earthenware cover, to seal in flavor while it cooked. Chicken broth contained chicken meat, crushed peppercorns, stock, must (new wine before fermentation), and water. A recipe for dumplings of pheasant instructs the cook to mince roasted pheasant meat with the fat and trimmings, season it with pepper and wine, shape it into croquettes or dumplings and poach it in seasoned water.

16 Chiquart said a kitchen should contain two large two-handed knives, a dozen dressing knives, two dozen knives for chopping ingredients for pottages and stuffing, half a dozen scrubbers, and a hundred baskets for carrying and storage. His recipes are rich in pottages and bruets, and his kitchen was amply supplied with vessels for making them. Equipment is similar in Italian and German kitchens though the space may seem smaller and more cluttered in some of the woodcuts. The kitchens of kings and nobles were places for the cooks to impress and amaze, but the kitchens or cooking areas of the working class were so basic as to defy comparison.

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