By Mairi Blackings, Nigel Fabb

ISBN-10: 3110179407

ISBN-13: 9783110179408

This grammar offers probably the most distinct bills to be had of the syntax of a Nilo-Saharan language. It absolutely describes a few of the strange features of Ma'di, together with the several observe orders linked to diversified tenses, the particle-based modal and concentration structures, the complete diversity of adverbials, and the constitution and which means of the noun word. The grammar additionally describes the phonetics, phonology, morphology, and points of the lexicon of the language.

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There are some words with variant tonal patterns: of a and of a 'war', kucfo and kucfo 'pot'. Bisyllabic loanwords always have a HL tonal pattern. fulu lamba 'groundnuts' 'lamp' HL HL from Arabic ful from Arabic lamba There are very few bisyllables with a HL tonal pattern which are not loanwords. We know of two: iitn 'all day long' and luro 'rib cage'. 3. e. a sequence of mid tones ending in one syllable with a low tone. 4. Tone in monomorphemic nouns and adjectives (mostly loanwords) of three or more syllables The two most common tonal patterns in trisyllabic monomorphemic nouns and adjectives are HML and LHL, with a few LLL words.

We note that Tucker (1940:109) has Ma'di words with [nz]. At least in contemporary Lokai this consonant does not exist, though there is the possibility of a language change in this respect; his example nza 'thick' should now be /jdja, his example onzu 'thin' should now be önd3U and his example n[d]zete now has the form nd$£tc 'a swampy place'; similarly his suffix nzi should be nd^l (Tucker 1940:129). 2. Doubly and secondarily articulated consonants We have placed the doubly articulated consonants (labio-velars) and the secondarily articulated consonants (labialized alveolars, velars and glottals) together in table 3.

2. Vowels are phonetically slightly nasalized in conjunction with the deletion of [n] in some cases, but nasalization is not phonemic. Thus nä 'the aforementioned house' can realize as djoa with nasalization of the final vowel or both vowels. 3. 1. Syllable structure There are two types of syllable: V and CV. 226 Download Date | 7/29/12 7:52 PM Restrictions on consonant-vowel sequences 35 'bananas'. '; V syllables are however most commonly found at the beginning of a word. Verbs of one syllable are consonant-initial with a CV structure.

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