Los angeles obra de J. G. Fichte (1762-1814) es decisiva para entender los angeles evolución del kantismo, el surgimiento de los grandes sistemas del Idealismo y su fragmentación romántica. Algunas lecciones sobre el destino del sabio (1794), su polémico bautismo académico en l. a. Universidad de Jena, constituyen un crisol en el que se fraguan

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The ef forts of the Senate in 2007 had even worse results if that is possible. There was a confrontation between police and the crowd in Los Angeles. Opponents of reform besieged senators with so many calls that the line collapsed. The Senate bill, trying to please both sides, failed to satisfy anyone]. Translation and social construction 39 B) Los propios esfuerzos que realizó el Senado en 2007 incluso salieron peor parados, teniendo como resultado diversos enfrentamientos entre la policía y los manifestantes de Los Ángeles.

169–87. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. —— (2011). ‘Nomen mihi Legio est. A cognitive approach to natural translation’. In Mª. J. Blasco and A. Jiménez (eds), Interpreting Naturally.  35–66. Bern: Peter Lang. —— (forthcoming). ‘Cognitive and psycholinguistic approaches’. In C. Millán-Varela and F. Bartrina (eds), Routledge Handbook of Translation Studies.  Conde Ruano (2007). ‘Ef fects of serial translation evaluation’.  428–44. Frankfurt: Peter Lang. Nellhaus, T. (2004). ‘From embodiment to agency: Cognitive Science, critical realism and communication frameworks’, Journal of Critical Realism 3(1), 103–32.

The very ef forts made by the Senate in 2007 went even worse of f, resulting in many clashes between police and protesters in Los Angeles. Opponents of reform made senators to suf fer a barrage of calls, to the point that their phone systems collapsed. ] Both in (A) and (B) clash is translated as enfrentamiento(s), but in both cases the agency in the original text, where police are the actors, has been concealed with an existential process in (A) in which the actor becomes dif fuse, and a relational process in (B), in which the actor is the same subject of the first sentence, namely, the Senate’s own ef forts resulting in conf lict.

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