By Carl R. Green,William R. Sanford,Gerald Kelley

ISBN-10: 1464503419

ISBN-13: 9781464503412

Imagine you're floating freely during the sky. without warning, you glance down and spot your physique mendacity a ways lower than. you're connected to it through a skinny, silver twine. Is it a dream, or are you having an out-of-body adventure (OBE)? humans worldwide and all through historical past claimed to have had an OBE. They declare to shuttle with no worry for nice distances or via partitions. Do such astral voyages actually happen? Scientists say no, yet many nonetheless think within the paranormal. learn the controversy during this publication for reluctant readers and judge for your self.

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6 Do NDEs give us a true picture of what happens when we die? No one knows for sure. After all, we have only the words of those who have escaped almost certain death. For their part, scientists reject events that cannot be tested in a laboratory. For the moment, all we can do is wonder, hoping to learn more. NDEs Lead to a Better Life Young Stuart Twemlow fell into a washtub. As he floated facedown, he felt relaxed and at peace. His life flashed before him. Instead of gratitude, he felt angry when his mother pulled him out.

That freed the ba to travel on to the next world. In modern India, yogis enter trance states in which they claim to leave their bodies. Over 2,500 years ago, the king of Syria led an army into Israel. Each time the Syrians attacked, the Israelite army was waiting. ” the king roared. A member of the court told him about a prophet named Elisha. This Israelite, the man said, knows everything that is said in your tent. Perhaps the king believed that Elisha was using his astral body to visit his tent.

3 Would cats be aware of an astral body? Keith began a new set of tests by making friends with a kitten named Spirit. Then the kitten was taken to a second room. An observer counted its every move. Researchers ran the test four times, but told Keith to contact the kitten only twice. Each time he did so, Spirit froze in his tracks. His eyes appeared to focus on something the observer could not see. During one non-OBE period, Spirit meowed thirty-seven times. 4 Do OBEs and NDEs exist? Despite all of the tests and firsthand reports, science is still skeptical.

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