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And Förstner, U. (1989) Comparison of rive bioassay techniques for assessing sediment-bound contaminants, in M. Munawar, G. I. Mayfield, T. H. ), Environmental Bioassay Techniques and their Application: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference held in Lancaster, England, 11-14 July 1988, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Netherlands, pp. 285-289. Ahne, W. (1985) Untersuchungen über die Verwendung von Fischzellkulturen fur Toxizitätsbestimmungen zur Einschränkung and Ersatz des Fishtests, Zentralblatt Fur Bakteriologie, Mikrobiologie Und Hygiene.

Examples of studies involving toxicity assessment of organic substances. , 1998) a) TT (toxicity testing): a study undertaken with test(s) at only one biotic level. TBA approach): a study involving tests representing two or more biotic levels. , Lactuca sativa). , use of three different bacterial tests is coded as “B, B, B”. (test battery (bacteria), F and S (seed indicated by Several papers have also reported toxicity data for a variety of metals and organic substances simultaneously. , at the ng/L, µg/L or mg/L levels), 2) estimating environmental risk based on measured toxicity endpoints and predicted environmental concentrations for specific chemicals and 3) defining toxicant concentrations harmful for specific biotic levels and/or assemblages of species within each level.

Since undesirable ecological effects to aquatic communities could result from exposure to naturally-produced chemicals or microorganisms, documenting their toxicity potential via bioassays is fully justified. , for bioremediation treatments of contaminated soils, wastewaters, sediments), so will toxicity assessment programs to insure the protection of aquatic biota. In Canada, for example, information is now required to appraise new microbes (and their products) in terms of their toxicity potential toward aquatic organisms, and standardized toxicity test methods are being developed and recommended for this purpose (Environment Canada, 2004a).

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