By Martinson, Harry

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ISBN-13: 9781885266637

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Tur. Franc. 40 ‘Ecce! Pater tuus senuit … si … illi moreretur, interj subj pf ind look your father has grown old if hesubj were to dieimpf subj recte tibi … regnum illius reddebatur’ indir obj correctly to you his kingdomsubj would be given backimpf ind, pass Look! Your father is old … if he were to die, his kingdom would correctly be given back to you c. Greg. Tur. Patr. 12 ‘… si pallio mererer attingere, if cloakdir obj I were allowedimpf subj to touchinf fiebam sanus’ I would becameimpf ind healthynom, pred if I were allowed to touch his cloak, I would became healthy again (48) Fredeg.

45a) and in Fredegar’s Chronicle from the 7th c. 33 It is also worth noticing that Fredegar has the imperfect subjunctive (45c) where Classical Latin would have had the pluperfect subjunctive to indicate anteriority in the future in (Example 42b): 33. ; cf. 5; Ernout & Thomas 1953, § 376; Sabanééva 1996: 137; and Haverling 2010a: 385–388, 394–405. On tense and mood in conditional clauses from Early to Late Latin (45) a. Greg. Tur. Franc. 22 ‘deliberatum, inquid, habui, ut si me thoughtpf ptc, perf periphr he sayspres ind I have hadpf ind that if medir obj rex ex hoc loco iuberit extrahi, subj impf subj the king from this place would order to be torn awayinf ab una manu pallas altaris tenerem, with one hand the coveringdir obj of the altargen I would take holdimpf subj ab alia uero, euaginato gladio, te prius with the other however with the sword pulled forthabl abs you first interfectum, quantuscumque deinceps clericos killedacc+adv+acc/ (abs) as many asacc, attr thereafter clergymenacc/dir obj repperissem, in morte prosternerem’ plupf subj I would find in death I would destroyimpf subj ‘I had thought,’ he said, ‘that if the king would order me to leave this place, I would take hold of the altar with one hand and with the other I would pull forth my sword and first kill you and then as many clergymen as I could find’ b.

Cic. Att. 1 etenim si ille tali ingenio exitium for if he (sc. Caesar)subj with such a geniusabl solutiondir obj non reperiebat, quis nunc reperiet? impf ind not were not finding whosubj now will findfut sp for, if Caesar with his genius could not find a solution, who will find it now? c. Cic. Nat. deor. 33 stomachabatur senex, si quid used to lose temperimpf ind the old mansubj if anythingdir obj asperius dixeram more harshly I had saidplupf ind the old man used to lose his temper, if I spoke too harshly (26) a.

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